First Team HydroChamp III Basketball Goal for Pools

First Team HydroChamp III Basketball Goal for Pools
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First Team HydroChamp III - Adjustable Basketball Hoop For Pools

  • FT1103 Hydro Post
  • FT1200 Champ Arm System
  • FT215 36î x 54î Acrylic Backboard
  • FT186ZC Heavy Duty Flex Goal
  • Post to Backboard Extension 18"

The HydroChamp III is built to withstand the demands placed on a poolside basketball system. This package includes a strong 4" square stainless steel post. The arm is made of carbon steel and is treated with a black powder coat finish for extra durability. This system is protected from rust by a special zinc undercoating. Moisture is prevented from entering the post by a welded top cap. 

When you want to set the rim height to a different level, all you need to use is a broom handle to make the change. The height can be changed by a maximum of 30", in 6" increments. This package gives you a post-to-backboard extension of 18". As the rim height is lowered, the extension distance increases. 

The HydroChamp III is a highly-durable unit that is built to last in a damp environment. It comes with a 36" x 54" acrylic backboard and a heavy duty flex goal. The goal is "direct mounted" to guard against backboard breakage if a player were to hang off the rim. For added player safety, you can add bolt-on backboard padding to this system. The post is firmly bolted to the pool deck with sturdy anchor bolts. After installation, they are hidden from view by a protective cover to keep all users safe.

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