SuperMount 68 Advantage Wall-Mounted Basketball Goal

SuperMount 68 Advantage Wall-Mounted Basketball Goal
Brand: First Team Basketball Goals
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First Team SuperMount 68 Advantage - Stationary Wall Mounted Basketball Hoop

  • FT2010 SuperMount 68 System
  • FT233 39" x 54" Glass Backboard
  • FT190 Competition Breakaway Goal
  • Wall to Backboard Extension Variable from 72" - 96"

The SuperMount 68 Advantage system is designed for use in school gymnasiums and rec centers. This is a high-quality basketball system that is built to last. Go ahead and place your order for the SuperMount 68 Advantage without exact measurements. The SuperMount 68 Advantage gives you a wall to backboard extension of between 72" - 96" after installation. This feature means that it will work with your existing court dimensions. 

The SuperMount 68 Advantage system can be adjusted to line up with the court markings on your gymnasium floor. With this system, don't need to worry about how to factor in the cost of reworking them if you make an error in your calculations. Go ahead and place your order; you can make the system work with your space. 

The SuperMount 68 Advantage package comes with a 39" x 54" glass backboard and a competition breakaway goal. Southern Yellow Pine boards are used to attach the backboard securely to the wall. The backboard is attached to the pine planks with sturdy safety chains. The backboard is supported by solid square tubing that has been treated with a back powder coat finish. To keep players safe, include bolt-on backboard padding with your order. If your gym or rec center will be the home of youth basketball camps or little league games, the backboard height adjuster is a great option to add to your purchase.

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