First Team Roofmaster Turbo Basketball Goal

First Team Roofmaster Turbo Basketball Goal
Brand: First Team Basketball Goals
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First Team RoofMaster Turbo - Adjustable Roof/WallMount Basketball Hoop System

  • FT 1650 RoofMaster Mount System
  • FT216 36" x 54" Tempered Glass Backboard
  • FT 186 Heavy Duty Flex Goal
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty
  • Extension Varies from 25" - 44" (Depending on height of hoop)

The RoofMaster Turbo is the perfect choice for situations where you can't put up a pole mounted basketball system. It can be placed on any roof pitch or vertical surface. You can even install the RoofMaster Turbo on a sloped rooftop if you want to. Set the rim height on this unit to any level you want between 10' and 6'. This unit comes with a hand crank, allowing you to make any adjustments to the rim height while standing on the ground below. You can keep track of the rim height with the easy-to read rim height indicator. 

The extension height of the RoofMaster Turbo varies, depending on the rim height. Optional backboard padding is available. A strong backboard brace is part of this package, providing good support for the unit. 

The RoofMaster Turbo is an extremely durable system that can be mounted on a roof top or any vertical surface. It comes with a 36" x 54" tempered glass backboard and a heavy duty flex goal. Stress on the backboard is not a concern, since the goal is "direct mounted". The RoofMaster Turbo will provide you with many hours of enjoyable use. You get an impressive combination of strength and flexibility when you choose this package.

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