Backboard Padding

Backboard Padding

Everyone knows that injuries will occur in any sport, there is simply no way of avoiding it. However, when an injury occurs that could have been prevented, it brings up a wide variety of feelings among both those who witnessed the injury and those who experienced it as well. The real difficulty with an injury is that a serious one can be a career ender in the world of sports. This is especially true of basketball injuries, where a concussion can keep you off the courts for weeks.

In basketball, a lot of injuries occur at or around the basketball goal. Ankle injuries, serious knee injuries, concussions, cuts, scrapes and bruises just to name a few. You get players pushing, pulling, and becoming very aggressive in the attempt to prevent the other team from scoring a basket, grabbing a rebound or gaining any kind of advantage in the game. This kind of aggressive style of play causes players to skid across the floor into the walls, the pole, the pole base, and in some cases, into the crowd as well. In the event a player is making a running dunk and is fouled hard, he can be shoved into the backboard, which in turn can cause serious injury.

If you have ever been in this situation in a basketball game, you know how easy it is to dislocate a shoulder after slamming into a concrete wall (high school gym anyone), or to break a nose falling right onto the goal post. However, serious and painful injuries can be avoided with one simple precaution, by using basketball equipment padding.

Basketball padding is a very inexpensive way to ensure the safety of your players if your basketball venue is not as spacious as many college or professional basket playing surfaces are. There is basketball padding available for your walls, the pole, the pole base, and for the goal corners. They are available in many sizes and a lot of colors making it possible for you to match school or team colors to the padding, making it clear who they belong too. For those of you who really want to show school or community spirit, specialty wall pads are available that can be imprinted with any image that you desire.

Basketball padding is also available in standard sizing or in custom sizes to fit unusual measurements or to get a snug fit. This versatility makes it possible to use padding on the smallest and the largest of basketball equipment from the goal to the post. There is also padding available for square poles.

Sports injuries are inevitable; as long as there is running involved, someone is bound to get hurt eventually. This does not mean, however, that protecting yourself and your team as much as possible is not important. In fact, preventable injuries are frustrating and cause dissention, take the time to protect your team with the appropriate padding for your basketball equipment.

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