Basketball Goals

Basketball Goals

He shoots! He scores! Catch some air with products from our online store. Basketball goals can give you fun and freedom! If you enjoy playing basketball but you grow tired of battling the never ending crowds at the local municipal basketball courts or the crowds at your local community center, and you have the space outside your home for a basket ball apparatus then residential basketball hoops should be something you should look for. These particular quality basketball goals come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes and finding one that meets your individual needs as well as fitting into your budget is not a hard task to complete.

With residential basketball goals, a few things must be taken into account before you decide to purchase one. The first consideration is how adjustable it is in terms of the height the goal is for your needs. With adults playing basketball, there are few issues with having the rim at regulation height. However, if you have small children who enjoy hooping it up from time to time, the standard rim height of 10 feet might prove to be somewhat frustrating for the children playing. While some outdoor basketball goals are at a fixed height, most are adjustable to as low as 6 feet.

Another aspect is the material the goal is constructed of. Considering it will be exposed to the elements and considering your particular climate, the material the goal is made of is very important, especially when it comes to the backboard construction. Most outdoor goals come equipped with an acrylic backboard, which will be sufficient to weather even the harshest of elements your climate has to offer.

Another aspect that is extremely important is the safety and stability of the basketball goals. The first issue it the way in which the actual post of the goal is secured. In many cases, these recreational goals will require being bolted into a concrete surface. This will ensure that the goal does not lean or in some cases, fall over as this could represent a serious safety issue.

In addition, there is the issue of padding for the exposed metal of the post itself. While some goals come with padding, in most instances the padding is an optional feature. Padding can avoid unwanted injuries and if none is offered with the basketball goal, it can be purchased separately. Lastly, if there will be any dunking associated with the playing of basketball with your goal, it would be advisable to consider a basketball goal with a break away rim. This will allow give when a dunk takes place and helps to avoid injury to the player as well as adds to the goals durability.

Playing basketball is fun and is a good way to exercise, and having the ability to have a quality basketball at home available for use when ever the mood strikes you is a good thing. With the many features available in modern day recreational basketball goals is easy to find and even easier to install. This will allow you, your family and friends to enjoy an entertaining game of basketball whenever you wish.

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First Team HydroSport II Basketball Goal for Pools
First Team HydroSport II - Fixed Height Basketball Hoop System for Pools FT1103 Hydro Post ..
$2,471.00 $1,856.00
Ex Tax: $1,856.00
First Team Vector II Basketball Goal
First Team Vector II - Inground Adjustable Basketball Hoop System 36" x 48" Acrylic backboard..
$1,334.00 $1,271.00
Ex Tax: $1,271.00
SuperMount 68 Select Wall-Mounted Basketball Goal
First Team SuperMount Select - Stationary Wall Mounted Basketball Hoop FT2010 SuperMount 68 S..
$2,493.00 $2,375.00
Ex Tax: $2,375.00
First Team RuffNeck Impervia Basketball Goal
First Team Tyrant Impervia - Fixed Height Basketball Hoop System 42" x 60" Aluminum Backboard..
$1,775.00 $1,562.00
Ex Tax: $1,562.00
First Team Rampage III Basketball Goal
First Team Rampage III - Portable Basketball Hoop System Rampage Portable Base Unit w/ Paddin..
$2,370.00 $2,258.00
Ex Tax: $2,258.00
FoldaMount 46 Select Wall-Mounted Basketball Goal
First Team FoldaMount 46 Select - Side-Folding Wall Mounted Basketball Hoop FT2030 FoldaMount..
$2,536.00 $2,416.00
Ex Tax: $2,416.00
First Team Legacy Turbo Basketball Goal
First Team Legacy Turbo - Fixed Height Basketball Hoop System 36" x 54" Tempered Glass Backbo..
$1,375.00 $1,311.00
Ex Tax: $1,311.00
PowerMount Rebound Basketball Backboard
First Team Powermount Rebound - Stationary Wall Mounted Basketball Hoop FT1990 PowerMount Sys..
$1,278.00 $1,216.00
Ex Tax: $1,216.00
SuperMount 80 Rebound Wall-Mounted Basketball Goal
First Team SuperMount 80 Rebound - Stationary Wall Mounted Basketball Hoop FT2020 SuperMount ..
$2,433.00 $2,317.00
Ex Tax: $2,317.00
First Team Tyrant Max Basketball Goal
First Team Tyrant Max - Fixed Height Basketball Hoop System 36" x 54" Aluminum Backboard ..
$2,978.00 $2,621.00
Ex Tax: $2,621.00